Monday, October 27, 2008

A job well done

2 cappuccinos, a crowded Costa Coffee , a beaming mum and her all grown up son.

He has become such a fine young man thought Radha. Was it really only 6 months back when he moved to Noida, a hesitant, lanky, nervous 26 year old to join his very first job. His very first job in a city he had never been to.

She remembered him leaving Karnal with his bags and an apprehensive smile.

She remembered praying desperately that he like his new life and really become successful at his job as an engineer in an automobile company.

She also remembered his frantic calls sometimes when he felt lost and lonely in his new city and life... they were more frequent in the initial weeks she remembered. He is a quick learner my she thought proudly looking at the handsome young man seated across the table wearing a smart pair of denims and a lilac shirt.

My son always had fashion sense, look how handsome he looks! I Guess all the girls in office have a crush on him. That's what kids these days call finding someone attractive.. 'crushing!' imagine that! He looks so like his father. Radha smiled.

He has his father's walk too she thought when he went up to order a sandwich for her. He stopped to let the pretty lady order first, I taught him well. He learnt well. Well! He is a gentleman she thought.

'Ok! Lets see this girl you've been raving about' she said to him when he returned with her sandwich.'

'Sure mum, you'll love her. She really is looking forward to meeting you.' he said placing his hand over his mother's.

'Let me just call to check she's O.K.'He said reaching for his swanky new Apple i phone.

And just when he was dialing her, Radha noticed her son's eyes light up looking at this lovely girl. The formal pants and shirt gave her away that she had come straight from office even though she looked as fresh as ever.

She looked slightly nervous Radha noticed. Arun walked up to his lady love and she seemed to gain strength from his reassuring smile. She bent to touch Radha's feet and just then it hit Radha that she was old! 'What an odd thought!, said a little voice in her head as she quickly hugged her pretty-soon-daughter-in-law-to-be.

Two lattes and a couple of hours later, Radha called for the cheque. Arun promptly reached for it. 'Mum, it's on me' he said showing his perfect set of teeth and the gorgeous dimples.

Radha sighed, smiled and thought Arun really had grown up. A job well done she told herself.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story! The best read all year. I cried so much with joy.Keep it up. What talent. I am so proud of you.

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